CH-1009 Pully - Lausanne
Avenue de Lavaux 41
Contact: +41 21 721 36 20

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Theater of Pully, near Lausanne. Concerts, plays, choreography, and much more.

Opéra de Lausanne

CH-1002 Lausanne
Avenue du Théâtre 12 - CP 7543
Contact: +41 21 310 16 00

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With its bold programme, full of discoveries and prestigious guests, the Opera of Lausanne has become a reference in the international opera world.

Théâtre de Beausobre

CH-1110 Morges
Avenue Vertou 2
Contact: +41 21 804 15 65

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One of the most famous theaters in Western Switzerland. Music, plays, comedy, choreography, circus, and more. Located in Morges (near Lausanne).

Théâtre de l´Arsenic

CH-1004 Lausanne
Rue de Genève 57
Contact: +41 21 625 11 36

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At the heart of Lausanne, a contemporary performing arts center where theater rub shoulders with dance, performance, music and installations.

Théâtre de Vidy

CH-1007 Lausanne
Avenue E.-Jaques-Dalcroze 5
Contact: +41 21 619 45 45

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A crossroads of artistic languages and ideas, for artists and spectators who question our world. Theater, dance, performance, contemporary art. In Lausanne-Vidy, on the lakeshore.

Théâtre Kléber-Méleau

CH-1020 Renens-Malley
Ch. de l'Usine-à-Gaz 9
Contact: +41 21 625 84 29

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In Lausanne, an old derelict gasworks that became a dream factory, serving a popular and committed theater. Theater plays, but also classical and world music.

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