Au Coeur d´Or

CH-1071 Chexbres
Rue du Bourg 22 - CP 23
Contact: +41 79 708 21 86

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Concerts and local wines in a beautiful winegrowers vault of Chexbres, in Lavaux. 80-90 times a year, from September till June.


CH-1820 Montreux
Rue de la Rouvenettaz 1 - Gare CFF, Quai 1, Secteur D
Contact: ---

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Alternative cultural centre in Montreux, on the train station platform. Artists, workshops, concerts and more.


CH-1630 Bulle
Rue de Vevey 26
Case postale 417
Contact: +41 (0)26 913 90 33

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Centre culturel de Bulle, en Gruyère.

La Bouche-Qui-Rit

CH-1890 St-Maurice
Adresse de la salle: Route Cantonale 5
Contact: +41 (0)79 460 99 31

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La Bouche-qui-rit, Music Club in St-Maurice, Chablais.

La Tuffière

CH-1727 Corpataux-Magnedens
Route du Centre 59
Case postale 27
Contact: +41 (0)26 411 32 39

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A beautiful venue in Corpataux, a small village near Fribourg.

Le Bout du Monde

CH-1800 Vevey
Rue d'Italie 24
Contact: +41 21 921 40 04

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An atypical pub in Vevey, on the Swiss Riviera. Concerts, theater, and much more.


CH-1870 Monthey 1
Adresse de la salle:
Av. de la Plantaud 122

Adresse postale:
Case postale 199
Contact: +41 (0)24 472 51 31

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Music Club in Monthey, Chablais.

RKC Rocking Chair

CH-1800 Vevey
Av. de Gilamont 60
Contact: +41 21 923 65 93

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Concert hall in Vevey. Alternative and indie music, DJs, and more. In the same building there are rehearsal rooms for local bands and a state-of-the-art recording studio.

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