CH-1820 Montreux
Case postale 1066
Contact: (non disponible)

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Une association montreusienne dont le but est la promotion de la culture brésilienne.

Chess Club Montreux

CH-1820 Montreux
Maison Visinand - Rue du Pont 32
Contact: +41 76 603 17 67

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The Montreux Chess Club is an educational and non-profit association. Its playing room is located in the "Grenier" of the Maison Visinand in the Planches district. Its regular weekly game night is Friday evening and aims to promote chess for people of all backgrounds and levels.

Maison Visinand

CH-1820 Montreux
Rue du Pont 32, CP 20
Contact: +41 (0)21 963 07 26 (matin)
Espaces d'exposition: +41 (0)21 963 07 28

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A cultural center in the Old Town of Montreux

Radio Club 27 MHz Sierra Alfa Montreux

CH-1844 Villeneuve
Zone industrielle A 12
Contact: +41 (0)21 960 48 64
Club info: +41 (0)21 960 48 67

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Amicale de radio-amateurs.

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